Friday, September 02, 2005

Lost Entries

Dear JuanDanza,

First, let me introduce myself. I'm Seige from BlogDrive Templates
( I've been following your blog entries
every now and then even though I don't understand your langauge. p.s.
I do not represent the BlogDrive team.

I feel sorry for your misfortune of what happened on your blog. If I'm
not mistaken from what's written on your blog, you have lost your
previous entries for some unknown reasons.

So, I'm writing to you to offer some suggestions on ways to save your
blog entries in case of any future disaster. If you are interested.

1. HtTrack - is a website mirror software where you can
download your entire website onto your computer. It saves everything
including all your comments. I used this for my own blog.

2. BlogDrive Entry Export - I have a couple of free export services
for MovableType and Modblogs. This is a good backup tool because it
saves only your entries instead of the entire blog. However, you'll
have to do this 10 by 10 entries.
You can find on my blog under "Layouts and Designs - Site Map -
Others", it's not made available to the public but you can give it a

3. You could upgrade your account to obtain the backup feature by
Blogdrive themselves. (No, I'm not selling for them but it's a good

As to your misfortune, you should send in a troubleticket to BlogDrive
and see if they are able to help you regain your entries. They might
be able to help you.

Happy Bloggin.

Kind regards,
BlogDrive Templates - Your one-stop layout shop!

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